Monday, April 02, 2007

Kathy Sierra blog - excellent!

The blog of Kathy Sierra is really a recommended read when you want to get excellent insights in user community building and how this influences user's experience and perspectives.

For example, her blog entry about ultra-fast change explains how extremely frequent updates (of a product or service) help create user satisfaction because the user doesn't even get enough time to get upset about a broken feature. Due to the fast pace of changes, the fix or rollback is already available before anyone gets really upset about it. That's an enormous reassurance to the users.

Another one I like is Creativity on Speed. It explains how the best creativity comes forward when people have the least time to be creative. She is not talking about unrealistic deadlines (which kills creativity) but about needing a solution and needing it quickly. Under this pressure, people tend to rely more on their intuition and other subconscious parts of the brain, rather than rationalizing and trying to link logically.

I haven't read all, and I don't like it all, but her blog struck me.

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